360° Universal Car Magnetic Dashboard Holder Mount For GPS PDA Mobile Phone

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360° Universal Car Air Vent Dashboard Holder Mount For GPS PDA Mobile Phone This ingenious product gives a simple and easy solution to attaching your Smartphone to a vehicle's dashboard. Requiring no screws or fixings, the magnetic Smartphone holder simply attaches to your dashboard with a strong adhesive pad. The adhesive plate attaches to the back of your Smartphone and provides a contact to 'stick' to the magnetic holder. The strength of the magnet keeps your Smartphone securely in place, but easily parts when you need to take you Smartphone with you. Suitable for most Smartphones and most vehicle dashboards, it's great for using your device's map and Sat Nav apps, or for using with a Bluetooth hands-free kit. Features include:Fits most SmartphonesEasy installation to vehicle dashboardQuick to attach and remove SmartphoneStrong magnet and adhesive pads ensure secure fixingAdhesive pads adhere to most surfaces